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Sex With Komal Baji

Hi guys, I am a frequent reader of sex stories on internet. I am 17 years old study in a local college. I am 6’ tall and with a muscular body. This is the first time I am writing a story of my sex encounter with my tenant’s wife.

I live in Lahore ( Pakistan ). We have a house which have two floors. We live in the upper floor and the ground floor we had rented out to a family, which consist of husband and wife with two kids 10 and 8 years old. They are living in our house for last two years so I have good friendly relations with both husband and wife. Husband is a banker and Komal ( name of my tenant’s wife) is house wife, she is always at home taking care of the kids. I used to call her komal baji.

Sujan's Desire

Shujan was with his friend Zahir and Apu. They were only students of tenth standard and very aware of sex. What ever they have in mind they speak free, even if it contained their sisters or mothers. Apu had a big hard on, so Zahir asked, "Which lady has waken this monster of yours today, Apu? I bet it is Rahul's khanki mom. Oh God, she is such a whore." Apu just smiled at it. Shujan protested, "No, it is not his mom tonight. It is your sister Rani. Uff, such a sexy figure. My cock just sprung like a rabbit seeing her walking by this morning.

Hot Bengal Weather Make Me Crazy

It was hot summer day at Calcutta. Raja was tired of hot bengal summer. He could hardly stay inside. So he came out to the long cool terrace of his family bunglow. There was a big mango tree casting cool shade on the terrace. Raja soothed himself with the gentle breeze. Suddenly, his eyes were caught at the window of his mother Purnima. Purnima is a doctor herself. The window of her bedroom was only 20 ft away from the terrage of Raja's room. Purnima was coming from her long duty from the hospital. She was exhausted, but she never let herself look tired even in the extreme circumstances. She is a fashionable Bengali lady at her early forties.


Hai , I am abhimanyu . I am 22 yrs , 6 feet , 63kgs weight , Wheetish complexion , structured , straight forward Guy from CHENNAI . I am maintaining my 38"chest , 29"Hips , 36" Butts . I am a B.E. Graduate . She is Shruti . I know that she is not a structured gal .

She is plumpy . In my locality there are many structured gal and i am friendly to every one . Even in my imaginations too I never called this gal for sex . She used to talk to me a lot , and I was slowly attracted towards her gestures , activeness , above all her interest in all things . She is a versatile performer . Singing , Dancing , Music , dressing , Studies and so on . She is 20 yrs , Fair , 5 feet 5' , and her vital stats are 39,30,37 and is doin her B.E . She has a lengggthy , curly , Black hair , extending to her hips . I did my schooling upto +2 in a Boys school . So , I was kept away from gals . I did know nothing about gals and was a 'child' then . After +2 I joined in an Engineering college under Computer Science thru Counselling and was first introduced to gals and this popular 'Dating' culture . I was Impressed at it at the beginning itself , since I got a good response from gals in my college coz of my physique and height . I am very good at Dance , Singing and my studies and hence I find hardly no problem in attracting gals . So i do have a lot of gal friends but didn't had enough courage to try my instincts and spoil my good name among them .

Zeba Adnan Sami Khan

I have decided that I should also share some of my experiences with U people....U people are experts in sex so plzzzz give me some advices or comments as I am writing just for that.....I am Adnan of age height is 5'10,..and I am enjoying good health ,my eyes are like I am drunk every time.I have some resemblance with Adnan Sami but am not too faty like him, thats why my friends call me Adnan Sami. Well .......

My Double Dick Wife

got married 2 years ago to tall well built good looking sexy Goan girl Virginia.She was working in my office as a receptionist.She traped me or I fell in love with her I can't say.She is kind of woman any man would like to have.She is 5' 6" tall. Dark brown hair, always inviting brown eyes, sexy full lips that you will love to suck hard or shove your hard cock between them, she has real solid hard big boobs with medium size brown nipples always erect and inviting you to play with them. She loves to get them sucked hard in fact she pushes them deep in my mouth to get fully excited.She has nice flat belly and under it she carries most exciting well cleaned fully shaven mouth watering sexy pussy always ready to take your toung or your cock.She has well rounded ass with a neat tight ass hole which anybody will love to lick, fingure, or fuck she loves it all.She has slim long legs look good specially when bent and spread wide apart. Well thats my wife and I am sure any man would like to have a woman like her any time.

Indian Family In USA

Sunita, and Anita were both born in India. Their father had join a software firm in USA and moved his family to the U.S. when the sisters were very young. Sunita was now 18, and Anita was 19, and they were very close. Their parents had raised them very strictly according to Indian culture. Anita had just gotten her own apartment, and to her parents disapproval, moved Sunita in with her. As the girls spent their first night away from home, it was as if a new world had opened up for them. Anita talked Sunita into going to the local bar, and they both dressed sexily, and nervously entered the night club. Neither girl had a clue about what drink to order, and when the 2 young men approached them, they were quite apprehensive. "Hi, my name is Scott" the blonde hair blue eyed 21 yr old male said to Sunita.

Ashmeeta - 2

The Story of my sexual escapades continues. I started seeing Ashmeeta regularly and fucking her every time we met. It was always in the motel unit and by now the owners of the place knew us and were us giving discounts for the room. We explored many fucking positions and oral sex. During our chit chat, Ashmeeta said that her sister Praneeta is suspecting her affair with her uncle and seems to be always around whenever he is home. When I asked Ashmeeta if her sister had a boyfriend, she said no. I started fantasying fucking Praneeta. I really got turned on and fucked Ashmeeta really hard doggy style. Trying out new blood was really on my mind and I asked Ashmeeta if I can have her sister some time. She told me she was thinking same, and if she can get me Praneeta, it will save her trouble at home about the uncle. We thought that taking Praneeta to a movie and smooth talking and seduction will be starting point. Ashmeeta arranged we will meet Friday afternoon after Praneeta’s school or the weekend when her uncle is likely to work.


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