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Bhabie Ho To Aisi

Hi friends, I am Arvind (not real) a college student right now in Dubai ,want to share my very true bhabhi's fantacy with u all when I was in India. I was 18 years old at that time I was in india . I lived in Bangalore, our family was very conservative and talking about sex was a taboo thing those time. Even the movies with a little exposing scenes my parents never allowed me to see. Frankly I never had much knowledge of sex at that time and the information was limited to the casual talks with friends and I never had the faintest of idea what all is done during sex.

Yes I knew they kiss and caress and just how intercourse is done, but I had confusion and doubts about many things of sexual act. At that time I was quite close to my relative reena. Their house was just adjacent to our`s. She was recently married and was just 23 yrs old and was very sexy and an attractive lady. She had curly hairs, 5'6" tall and had an attractive face. She was having good body shape, and medium complexion. Her biggest assets were her large boobs of 36D size and equally big Ass of 37 inches. She had a very attractive smile and many times I just look at her face and get lost in her. She was well mannered and good in Maths and so she used to help in learning Mathematics. It was going on smoothly,she used to teach me and I got more attracted to her because I got a chance to see and interact with her more closely. Most of the time we were alone at her home . She used to sit next to me and teach and many a time we made body contacts and she used to treat me as a close friend and we became more closer than before.

Bhubaneshwar Boy Fck Sonia

Hi thanks friends for warm response and mails which motivated to share one more experience. This Vishal again 22 yrs guy my name is ( from Bhubaneswar height 5’11" very fair well build. I have very high sex drive. I met a girl through internet Sonia 22 yrs figure 34D-26-36 (this I came to after making love) slim fair. She conveyed in her mail she liked my story Female Doctor in train. After few mails we became good friends I came to know she has high sex drive like me. While talking to her on phone she told that normal sex is becoming boring. I said I have good idea to make it exciting Listen I had a math teacher in 10th std she was tuition teacher also.

Miss Anjali beautiful, 24 yrs figure 32C-28-38 not so fair complexion a mole on chin and use to wear a glass that made her look more sexy. I had crush on her & wanted to fuck her would you become Anjali it would be something new and exciting. She liked the idea and she said would love to do that. I scanned & send her a old Group photo of my class 10th std as class teacher she also there and told Sonia to imitate her way of dressing and appearance. I told her about my math teacher’s attitude for me. Sonia understood what I meant very well. She informed me that today there would on one would at her home we can meet at 11 O’clock in the day.

Sexy Faiza Baji

Dear readers, I am regular reader of this site. I have read many stories here. . Today I am going to narrate my own true story, which happened six months back. I live near Hyderabad, Pak. Let me describe myself, I am 21 years old and studying. What I study I don't want to disclose but I must tell it will get me high salary when I am done with it. I have a good body having height 5'11. This story is about my neighbor, we and our neighbor used to live next to each other for 15 years that means since when I was child. They consist of a man, his wife, his one son and two lovely daughters. The boy was two years older than me, and one of the girls was 4 years elder than me and other was very younger. Since, I was child I used to go in their house and was welcomed just like a family member.

Sex With My Tenant - 2

Hai freinds its kumar back to you. I hope all of you would have enjoyed my first experience. Now, i am going to continue by experience.

After taking bath i dressed her. Then she left to her mother's home and told me to wait for a surprise gift. After she left i started to browse XXX sites and searched for many fucking scences. After nearly two hours she returned with .... not her baby but her sweet beautiful virgin sister Kamala. And i was surprised but i was not sure whether she is my gift. So i welcomed her doubtfully. Amudha closed the door from behind and came inside. Then kamala said she is thirsty and i went to get water for her. But amudha stopped me and said, "avalluku unnooda jucie than vannuma". I was surprised by that. Suddenly she removed my shots totally from me and kamala seeing my cock was surprised and gave a smile to amudha. Then amudha ordered kamala,"vanndhu poola chhappu". Then amudha asked me to take her to my bed room and allow her to suck her my cock. But kamala boldly catching my cock in her hands took me to the bed room and asked me to lay on the bed. And then she removed her t-shirt and jeans and become totally naked in front of me. And just came to me and similing at me and started sucking my cock. In the mean time amudha was making a phone call to some one and came talking in the phone. And seeing kamala sucking my cock. I don't know to whom she was talking but was telling about me and welcomed to join us. And kept the phone and came to me and kissed me on my lips and started removing her dresses then she became totally naked and squeezed her sisters breast and ordered her to suck my cock in 69 position and asked me to lick her pussy. Kamala was over joyed and climed immediately on top of me and started sucking my cock placing her pussy above my cunt. Then i started to suck her pussy. She took almost my full cock in her mouth and was sucking my cock. After about 5min i came in her mouth and she drank all and i was licking her pussy opening her lips wider and running my tongue deeper into her pussy and made her to cum.

Bhabie Nay Kaam Karwaya Mujhay Sex Sikha Kay

My Bhabhi liked me very much, because I was the only one to whom she could talk in home when brother was away on duty or touring. She looked after me very affectionately and gave me every emotional support and care, and I felt at ease even in my parents' absence. She was very nice to me. She called me 'Lala' which means brother-in-law. I always liked her proximity, as she was so beautiful with long black hair, fair skin, about 5'5" and a nice figure. Her bust size must have been around 38. I liked to see the shape of her boobs and was always seeking chances to get a glimpse of her mammary glands whenever she bent forward and the Pallu of her Sari slid off. This incident occurred when my brother had to go on a business tour for the first time after marriage. Parents had gone to visit Haridwar on pilgrimage for a month and Bhabhi was carrying out the responsibility of running the house.

Experince Of Madan Kumar

Hi all story readers,i am Madhan, aged 23. i am a regular story reader.i am working as a sales executive at madurai in tamilnadu. This is my first story and first fuck experiences but i've played with boobs and other parts with various women earlier. i am doing a correspondence course in mku,while attending its contact seminar i got introduced to a boy called jegannivasan.

Customer Meet

Hi friends; I am a regular reader of Stories posted on the net and would like to share my story of sex with one of my customers. Let me introduce myself. I am Anil, 33, married with two sons from Pune India. I am 5’8” with good physique and shape. I own an Electronics Showroom retailing new products and servicing any old electronic gadgets. This happened in August 2001 when I sold a new dishwasher to a customer. As this was the first time they were buying this product I was supposed to get it delivered and then go and install it and demonstrate the use of this machine. It was around 4.00 pm when I telephoned to inform the customer that I was coming to install the machine. I heard a sweet woman on the other end of the line and she allowed me to visit at 4.30 pm.

Bus Wali Aunty

Hai, I am a 20yr old Delhi boy doing Engg from I.P.U. I am 5.7ft in height and I am very arousal, tharki boy. I am not well built but I have a 6-6.5inch long lund (penis) with lots of juice and hairs that I keep well cut. I masturbate everyday, sometimes I do it 2-3 times a day kya karoon mera Lund baar-baar khara (erect) ho jata hei. Let me tell you a true story about my first sex encounter.

One day, I was going to my college in bus, bus bheed se bhari thi. There was hardly any space to stand, I some how managed to get in, I was standing near to a 32yrs old beautiful lady, and she was of 5ft small height. Suddenly the bus driver applied brakes and my body weight us aurat par jagira. As she was very beautiful my Lund was in an arousal mood, so she felt my Lund on her gand (buttocks). Usse takrane ke baad meine jaana ke kya cheez thi vo, uske gand aise thi jaise kisene 2basketball ek saath rakh di hoon, phir meine gardan aage karke uske mummey (breast) dekhi, usne ek patla sa peela (yellow) suit pehna hua tha aur black bra thi uski kya figure thi jaise uske gaand thi vesi hi moti aur upar ko uthi hui uski choochi thi par vo bahut patli-slim thi. Meine dekha usne mangal sutar aur sindoor nahi laga rakha tha. Uske himalya ke chooti ke tareh uthe hue figure(mammay) ko dekh kar mera Lund pent mein tann gaya. Mein mauke ka fayda utathe hue uske aur kareeb khada ho kar uski gadrai gaand pe apna lund lagaane laga, thodi der baad jab usne kuch nahi kaha to meri himmat aur bhad gaye aur me uske tared (gaand ke maang) mein lund ko ragadne laga, us sex bomb ko bhi shayad maza aa raha tha, mere sharer mein ajeeb se gudgudi ho rahi thi aur mera lund meri pant phaar ke bahaar ane ke koshish kar raha tha. Agar us vakht vo akeeli hoti to mein vahin uske gaand mein lund de deta.

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