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Want To Be A Porn Star

Hi this is Tanya. I am 20 year old with a sexy body and a very sex appealing look. I am a regular reader of tamilstories. I like incest story (brother fucked his sister) and in xxx movie I like cum swapping. I have read a lot of stories after reading the stories I was emboldened to share my own experiences with all others. It is not only a true story but it’s all about my life and there is a big cause to share with all of you. Actually I want to become a xxx movie star but not in Indian xxx movie.

My Edathiamma Sulochana Seduced Me

My name is Raju and I am from Kerala and this happened in 1973 November when I completed 17. I got my first sexual experience as a gift form from Edathiamma also my Teacher .Her name was Sulochana and she was my cousin brother’s wife. I was very good at studies but little back in Math’s. Sulochana, my Edathiamma was from kollengode, a place near Palghat and she got married to my cousin brother who was employed as a Sales Executive. She was a graduate in Science but very brilliant in Math’s also. I had very good impression on her as a student. But I was very much impressed by her body especially by her boobs. They were perfectly round shaped and resembled the statue of Ajantha. Her age was only 23 and had well shaped buttocks and a beautiful deep navel. I didn't have bad eyes over her when I started tuition because she was my Edathiamma.

Choot Ki Khujli

I am rajni , married lady, having one son. My husband is now posted else, there fore I am alone with my 2 years old son. Since my husband had gone out I could not have sex, where as I am very sexy and can’t sleep without having sex. Few friends of my husband are visiting me regularly and doing some works for which I need to go out. There fore I hardly go out of my house. I was looking for some opportunity so I can have sex with some person, but due to fear of neighbours, I was helpless.

Safar Ki Dosti

Hi! everybody there! aaj mai apne ek safar me ek larkee ki bat karne jaraha hun. i am amit 28 years old, unmarried, my star is sagitarius, height 5’-8" tall. my relatives, especially girls say that i am a good looking, smart, having good sense of humors and having good habits too, which attracts other sex. my hobbies are watching cricket matches, good movies (love stories), good music, surfing internet, reading, writing letters & good stories, sharing good jokes, basically i am a very romantic person, i love winter season and i really enjoy it too.

Parosan Ki Chudai

Hello friends I am Usman from Karachi Pakistan. Main AP ko apni kahani urdu main sunana chahta hon kiyon kay main chahta hon kay mery wo friends jin ko english nahin aati wo bhi parh sakhen shukria.

Mery dosto main asal main peshy se doctor hon our mainy abhi Mbbs pass karkay our ek hospital main house job kar raha hon. Mery dosto meri kahani kuch istarah hay kay mery muhalay main sadaf naam ki ek larki rahti hay jo bari smart our khobsorat hay us ka hamary ghar main ana jana rahat tha our akbhi kabhar mera samna bhi hojata tha us ki age koi 20, or 21year hogi she is very smart and beautiful lamby lamby baal kali aankhain our us kay mumy gol gol bary hi piyary lagty thy us kay jisim pe. main to jab bhi us ko dekhta mery lund main khujili si hony lagti our main soachta kay kash main us ko kabhi choom sakhon our main soachta kay kash main usy kabhi apni banhon main le sakhon our pata nahin kab main us ki choot main apna land dal sakhonga our kuch dinon kay baad mujhy pata chala kay wo married hay our us ka husband malaeshia main hay. Kuch dinon kay baad mery ghar waly school ki chutiyan guzarny dadu chaly gay dadu mery gaon ka naam hay.

Sex With A Friend In Dhaka

Hi Guys and Gals. My name is Rahman (name Changed) from Dhaka having good physic and height 5’11 and 22 years of age. I believe that I have read all the stories published tamilstories. Well coming back to the incident that happened some weeks back. The incident happened in at Sonargaon Hotel, as because I am a member of the Health Club of that hotel so it happened with one member of this hotel.

Extramarital Sex With Payal

Hi to all the horny girls,ladies and sex lovers of this globe, Let me first introduce myself to you all,as you all might be eager to know that who am I ? My name is Ajay and I am a 22 year old Gujarati guy living in Mumbai and helping my dad in his business.My physique is a bit muscular and I also have a good personality and looks.


Dear readers I am Rajendra again from London with the third part of my continuing story of Neeta. In Neeta part 2 I fucked her in a cinema and fulfilled one of her fantasies. Every evening I use to go to her place and fuck her, my wife and kid who were in India on a holiday were due back in two weeks and I wanted to make the most of my freedom as I knew that once my wife returns there will be lot of restrictions. One fine afternoon I was at neeta’s place when one of her friends Neha came to visit her, Neeta and Neha were very good friends and had no secrets between them, from the conversation I gathered that Neha knew about my intimate relation with Neeta, we had a good laugh throughout the afternoon and come 5pm Neha left for her home and before leaving she asked me to come around her place sometime I said ok and she left.


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