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Fucking My Maid

I am Tom , single and 19 years of age. I was born at mumbai and , height 5.8 and a smart personality. I have always been fascinated at the sight of beautiful Indian women’s in sarees showing there beautiful boobs, soft long waist and deep holed navels as shown in Hindi films. I would just love to feel them and kiss them for hours and hours. This particular fantasy is about a beautiful maid I always wanted in my house. Hope you will like and appreciate it . I am virgin and not fucked any girls as of now . So what I can have is just a fantasy and nothing else . I have lots of fantasy . I wish I had any partner to share my fantasy's

Fucking Of Father Cousin

Hello readers of Tamilstories I m Rajat from India it is my first story for the site I hope you will like and tell me how was the story. I was 22 year old at that time. My father’s cousin baby was gorgeous lady with a huge tits and wonderful boobs really she was able to kill any man with her killing look she was always wearing a low cut Jumper. We were neighbor as she was staying with my Uncle. She was 35 year old She was very friendly with me always laughing and smiling unfortunately she could not get a boy to get marry a lot of boys came and gone but none of the liked her most probably because of dowry demand her marriage could not be settled.

Party Fun Priya

Hi Tamil fans this is my second experience i am posting after a very strong response from all the Tamil fans thanks for your comments ok lets start the story I have always been a very horny girl and always liked to have boys touch me a little even when i was in school. then when i was 22 one of my friends was getting married and he was having a party only for the boys but said he wanted to have some fun on that night so he requested me to go and be a stripper.

Fucking Hard To Pushpa

Hello to all tamilstories users.i m fond of reading the erotic stories on tamilstories..and i really enjoy reading the hot too hot stories.i live here in varanasi and doing my graduation. I did have a big house double storey building located in the main city and one thing about me i love doing sex by any mean. So not wasteing ur precious time i m describing here a real incidence took place with me. one day at afternoon approx.2.00 pm the door bell rang .when i opened the door i found my mausa and mausi (mothers cousin)standing infront.

Asma And Kamini In Bhawalpur - 2

Hello Tamilstories Readers: This is Ali again from Lahore with the 2nd part of story “Asma and Kamini in Bhawalpur”. After the great response of Tamistories readers I decided to write the 2nd part. For those readers who want to complete understand this story please search part one at the story page of So let us come to the topic.

Manisha My Sexy Whore And Part Time Wife

Hi friends, My name is rocky. This is my real experience.The names are changed. This is my recent experience two to three months back. First of all about me. I am a man with 5.7" height and 65 kg of weight and of 24 years. I stay at Ankleshwar(Gujarat). I had never experienced sex in my life except kissing and caressing.

Cyber Love By Shehkar

Roja was a beautiful 28-year-old woman. She had flowing blond hair, big blue eyes, and a figure that turned every head she passed. Her sex life seemed almost perfect, except for one unfulfilled fantasy. For many years, Roja had fantasized about having sex with a total stranger. It was not about just hopping into bed with someone she didn't know, she could do that any time she wanted, what she craved was to have sex with someone whose face she would never see and who's voice she would never hear, a mystery man of sorts.

Exclusive Experience

Its me again Sam and I am back this time. Hope you all remember me, but anyways let me again introduce myself to you all. I am Sam I am 20years old, I from Hyderabad, India and I am doing computers, rearing to be software professional. All regular viewers of this site must have read and enjoyed my real life sexiting experiences.


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