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Sex With Cousin

I am Rahul. I live in Indore. I am 32 years old.. I am working as a doctor. I used to browse in the websites. My favorite site is I used the read the stories in this site. I am going to narrate a true-life incident.I had a cousin. Her name is minu. She is 21 years old. She is good looking and had a good large pair of boobs. I used to watch her whenever I got time. She is very sexy. She used to visit our house often. Her mother sometimes has some tours and then Chinnu will be staying in our house. We used to talk about our profession.

Apnay Khawind Say Pehli Baywafai

Mairay khawand ko america gai hoay doo saall ho gay thay oor may apnay doo bachoon kay sath akaili rahti thee , mairi baiti ki umar bara saall thee oor mairay baitay ki umar taira saall thee , main nay kubhi kisi ghair murdd kay sath sex kay baray main socha bhi naheen tha mugar jub main nay kisi say yeh sunna kay mairay khawand nay america main shadi kur li hai too mujhay bara ghusa laga , oor jub un say phone pur batt hoi oor unhoon nay iqrar kar lia oor bataya kai bohat majboori thee iss liay unhoon nai shadii ki hai oor pphir jub milnay waloon nain bhi mujhay aa aa kur cherna shroo kur dia, log ajeeb ajeeb batain kurtay kay murd oorat kay bghair rah nahiin sukta too main nain bhi sochna shroo kur dia kay kia oorat murd kay bghair rah sukti hai, main hur waqat yahi sochti rahti oor main taqreeban pagal ho gai thee.

House Owner Horny House Wife

Before telling the story let me tell you a bit about myself, my name is Ravi and I'm 30, the story I'm going to share with you is 100% true and it all happened to me a year ago. After my graduation I got a job and in the process i have been transferred to Hyderabad and I have to come here, as I haven't any place to live here so I started looking for an accommodation here with the help of a friend of mine.

Sex With Servant

Let me start my story by describing myself. I am 24/m/Hyderabad. I am 5'3" in height and have 8" thick dick. I had always been having desires to experience sex with different women, so had eyed all the women who came across my day, Like my family friends Auntie’s and specially my maid servants. I must express my desirous to all of you that I am made for having sex with Married women’s and auntie’s (specially those who are not satisfied with there mates), because I think I can just fill there loneliness with my blasting desirous.

Bhabie Fantasy

Hi friends, I am arvind working as a software engineer and want to share my bhabhi’s fantasy with u all. I was 18 years old and studying my B.Sc. 1st year. I lived in Hyderabad. Our family was very conservative and talking about sex was a taboo thing that time. Even the movies with a little exposing scene my parents never allowed me to see. Frankly I never had much knowledge of sex at that time and the information was limited to the casual talks with friends and I never had the faintest of idea what all is done during sex.

Me And My Wife

This is a true story, one that happened to me not too long ago. I left out our names and city, but it all happened just as I put it down. I have seen a lot of stories by people who have great sex with partners whom they had barely met, but in my experience, at least, it does not work that way.

My wife and I have been married for two years, and it seems that our marriage - and our sex life! - have kept improving all the time we have been together. The story here should help explain why. I am an inch or so under 6 feet tall. I have dark black eyes and black, hair. I like to think I am reasonably good looking (as everyone fell about themselves), but don't consider myself excep­tional. My wife, though, is something else. She is quite small, 5'11". Her ancestry is apparent at first glance. She has jet-black eyes, and her long, silky, black hair hangs to her waist. She has a slender, golden skinned body, with almost no body hair, except for the soft, straight hair that covers her pussy. She sometimes complains about her breasts, wishing that they were bigger, but I find them lovely. She has one feature, however, that stunned me the first time I undressed her - she has the biggest nipples I have ever seen on a woman, even in a movie. She actually has rather small areolae, perhaps an inch across, but rising out of them are two huge, red-brown nipples, even in repose as big as the first joint of my thumb.

I Fuck My Mom Older Sister

Hello ladies and gents, I am going to tell a story about how I fucked my mom’s older sister. Right now I am 20 yrs old who is in US. This story happened when I was about 17 years old. My aunt was the best women for sex.
My aunt was about 36 yrs old. She has the best boobs in the world. Her figure was about 44-30-36. She doesn’t have any children and her husband was in Canada working so she lived with my grandparents who were really old. Since I was small I always go to my aunt’s house for the summer. As usual I went down there for a summer when I was about 17 yrs old.

Sex With Mami

Hi u all erotic stories i am also big fan of these stories i am also joining this club.let me introduce u first i am raj and i am of 22.medium build,fair in colour and now my dream girl she is was non other than my mami(mothers brothers wife).her name is sapna.she had a sexybody. Perfect dips and curves in the right places.fresh medium size breasts,slim waist and most beautiful in her was her rounded ass when she walked it bounce i loved that in her very much.i visited my mamas house to see her only. in meantime she became my dreamgirl.i became a very good friend of her.she was so free that she used to change her clothes in my presence and i obviously stare her body.she had seen me to watching her body but told nothing.i used to mastribute twice or thrice on her name but not able to say her my feelings as i was afraid that if she will be not ready she will tell my parents and results will b bad for me.


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