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First Sex Experience Of Jaipuri

I am Kitty Jain, 19 years girl and studying in collage. I read few incidences at and I want to tell you something about my first sexual experience with a person almost 20 years elder to me.

I am having fair complexion with an average figure and normally boys don’t give much attention to me as my breasts are very small. My only friend Neha is having good breasts and boys are always after her. And I am really jealous of Neha but we are good friends. I never experienced body - touch with any boy, where as neha had few boy friends and already involved sexually with one of them. Actually she told me her sexual experiences most of the time, otherwise my knowledge about sex was very less.

Stunning Beauty

Hi to every one. My name is RAJ from Hyderabad , INDIA having good physic and height of 5'9".i have read many storie's in I have fucked many girl's contacting through chatting and mail's. But i have not fucked a girl as my first one.

This happened when i'm at 20.actually my place is a village near to kurnool, which is 200k.m from Hyderabad . when I went to my village for my friend's marriage.there i met with this stunning beauty.her name is Anupama and her age is just 19. She is 5'6" tall fair complexion, blue & sexy eyes, ass long hairs, with very big & firm boobs, flat tummy & nice big & juicy softest ass. Her vitals were 38dd, 25,36 which I came to know later. by seeing her at that time it self i have fixed to fuck her.but how?i went to her and said "hai i'm raj"and by smiling she said"i'm anupama".i have asked her where ru from.she said that she is from hyderabad.that's it i have started talking about hyderabad and where i stay and asked her that where u stay and taken the address.

Me ! My Friend !! And His Mom !!!

Hi, to all readers. I am an avid fan of and have read almost all stories on this site. Off late I thought of sharing my story with all of you. Let me first describe myself to you. I am Gaurav, 22 years old guy. I am doing chartered accountancy. I stay in Jalandhar (Punjab). I am 5`11" and have a very good built. I am very smart, very handsome and very fair guy with very hairy body. My cock is 7. 5 inches long and is very hairy. This is a real story of sex, which happened just few days say about a month ago.

Vivek my very good friend!!! Really made me had sex with his MOM which I have never thought in my dreams even. He is also doing chartered accountancy with me so we were together many times for studies and for just casual visits and just… I have been to his place many times where he lived alone with his mother. Just two members of the family Vivek and his mother Promila – a very sober sweet matured lady in her early fifties. Very fair in colour and have a good stats and a little plumpy body. She might be 38c 34 38 in figure. She seemed to be getting aroused very easily even by a small gentle touch of a man.

Biwi ki pasand

Mera nam amit hai aur wife ka nam nidhi hai. mai 29 saal ka hun aur nidhi ka umar 26 saal hai. meri wife ak bahut hi khubsurat (36-25-38) aur sexy aurat hai. mera ghar ek jheel ke kinare akant me hai. eh batt undino ki hai jab mera chcha ka larka chuttee me ghar jaa raha tha. mera cousin jab chuttee me ghar ja raha tha to apna kutta, popy, ko mere ghar me dekh bhal ke liya chor gaya. uska kutta ek alsasian kutta tha aur bahut hi bara tha. ham ne us kutte ko mere out-house me rakh diya. agle din subha jab hum dono us kuute se milne gaye to wo apni punch hilate hue humse mila aur hum logo se uski dostee ho gayee. hum log khana kha kar ice-cream leke apne bed-room me kutte ko le kar baith gaye. us din sunday tha aur humlogo ka programe jam kar chudai karneko tha.

Jija Sali Ki Dastan

One of the most interesting relations and sexciting is relations of jija –Sali. In almost every case there are double meaning dialogues, some feeling, touching and maybe even squeezing and caressing of young sali’s boobs. But in many cases they culminate in ,what every jija longs for and every Sali wishes in the deep corner of their hearts. Many of my friends shared their experiences that how they did it with their jiju. Some of them were young, some mature, mostly unmarried but a few married too. And with their permission I’m giving words to their memories and their feeling saliyon ki kahani meri jubani… and the first one is of Ritu.

Lata Interview

Lata Singh had gone to bed early the previous evening to ensure a good nights sleep in preparation for her interview the following day. She slept well; she was afraid that she would not and when the alarm woke her, she felt quite refreshed. She chose a pretty pink blouse to go with her gray sari. Looking at herself in the mirror, she felt quite pleased with her appearance, wearing her hair up like that made her look very business-like.

She completed the look with a couple of small silver earrings and rather than wear her contacts, she thought the wire-framed spectacles would make her look more like an ideal office worker. Arriving with 10 minutes to spare, she waited for five minutes before reporting to reception. The girl there told her to sit down and that Mr. Saleem would be with her shortly. Mr. Saleem turned out to be a balding middle-aged man in a gray suit. He greeted Lata warmly and politely and led her to his office. As they went in, he told his secretary, Miss Rekha, that he was not to be disturbed. Inside, he offered Lata a chair, taking a seat opposite her behind a large oaken desk. He smiled gently at her and Lata felt a little more comfortable. 'Would you like some tea or coffee, Miss Singh?', he asked. 'No, thank you.' replied Lata, still a little nervous. She straightened a little in her chair, which had the effect of pushing her breasts out. She thought she caught Mr. Saleem eyeing her figure. 'That can't do any harm', she thought, swiveling her upper body, just a little, for effect. 'I can see from your resume that you have all the credentials we need.' said Mr. Saleem , thinking to himself how pretty the young woman looked. Under the cover of the desk, he brushed his hand over the front of his trousers. 'I wonder .', he thought. 'Thank you' said Lata, feeling more confident.

My Revenge Over My Aunt

I was a typical 18 yrs old gavawala when I arrived Mumbai (Ghatkopar). It was actually my Sangeeta Maushi (my mothers sister, 35 yrs, 36breasts 34 waist and 38 hips height 5.4 and had motiyaa colored skin ) who convinced my mother to let me come to Mumbai to earn lot of money. Even my parents got convinced as my Sangeeta’s husband had become rich after leaving the same village from where I was and started his own business in Mumbai. So the day I arrived to my Maushi’s House I was welcomed very happily. As the days went I understood the exact purpose of my Maushi’s calling me to Mumbai I ended up being the Naukar of that family. As I didn’t had enough money to go back I had to stay behind. But the day I understood this tragedy, I had developed a cold rage for Sangeeta Maushi and some how wanted to teach her a lesson.

My Friend Mom

Hello my friends of I red all you and want to tell you now my real story with hope that you will enjoy mine as I have enjoyed yours.

I was17 at that time and was in high school. I have only one close friend muhed. He was just 20. We had a good friendship and always spend our time together. Mostly we were meet at his home because his father was a transporter and he will be out of town for months. Muhed mother was at the age of 40.but she looked less than her age. She has a great sexy body I think she had 36,34 38 . she also loved me like her son. I called her aunty. She was hugging me often. which gave me unknown pleasure. Her hugs were becoming more intensive, pressing me closely to her big boobs. I also started hiding my face in between her boobs when she hugged me. I did not want but I always thought about her dirty. And I always thinking about her fucking. Which made me some time guilty that she loves me like a child.


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