Dear readers I am Rajendra again from London with the third part of my continuing story of Neeta. In Neeta part 2 I fucked her in a cinema and fulfilled one of her fantasies. Every evening I use to go to her place and fuck her, my wife and kid who were in India on a holiday were due back in two weeks and I wanted to make the most of my freedom as I knew that once my wife returns there will be lot of restrictions. One fine afternoon I was at neeta’s place when one of her friends Neha came to visit her, Neeta and Neha were very good friends and had no secrets between them, from the conversation I gathered that Neha knew about my intimate relation with Neeta, we had a good laugh throughout the afternoon and come 5pm Neha left for her home and before leaving she asked me to come around her place sometime I said ok and she left.


Dear tamilstories readers I am Rajendra 41. I hope you lot have enjoyed my previous stories, which I had posted last month.

I was having a good time fucking Seema during the vacation and Suman Auntie at any time I liked, time was passing by it had been three years since I had started fucking Seema & Suman. Because I had sufficient sex I was mentally and physically happy and was not looking out for other women, but then in 1980 things changed Suman had to go away for 2 months and I was getting desperate for nookie.

Bhabie In Construction House

Dear all readers, I have been reading a lot of stories on this site for quite a long time now and thought of writing one of my own experience. My name is Raj (Raja) , a punjabi puttar in delhi aged 29 yrs. iwork in a private co. earning handsomely. This is the story about one year back when I was posted out in Rajasthan.

Love With Next Door Neighbor

Hello Friends!!! I read many stories here and I really liked everyone of them and this gave me courage to share my experience with all of you.Now let me tell u about myself i am 30m from Hydearbad .I am though Bombayites .I always had a fantasy about having sex with some really sexy bhabhi. Althought I am not a vargin but still I really loved these incident which took place in my life so I am writing u. It was hen I was unmarried , in our colony woman moved into the opposite house across the hall from me. She is drop-dead GORGEOUS. 36-26-36, I swear it. 5'8"; smooth, fair skin; beautiful, wavy, long blond hair; big blue eyes and a killer smile & her name was payal.

Bhabie Jaan

This is true incident between me i was 21 at that time and my bhabhi Anita .What a Bomb shell a blonde and women worth to die for. I had a real crush on her from the time she came to my house mine elder brother Chetan is away from home most time.

Affair With Neighbor's Wife

First, I thank tamilstories, which encouraged me to have sex with my friend’s wife Sunita. I am a regular reader of tamilstories. These stories helped to to feel women’s sexual desire.. I am Male from India. I am 32 years of age. I am basically a marketing manager and very shy. This sweet moment is happened just 2 months back.

The good thing to tell you is she is also a computer literate. Basically she is very good in English and she is also a good friend to everybody. For me she is different. Her body and eyes are very admirable one. That will attract anybody to bring towards her. Normally she will wear Chutidhar with Dhuppatta. When she is at home nighty (during night times). Her body shape is very good. God has given to her unique boobs and hip. Her size is 36-26-35. and height is 5’5".

My Friend Wife

Shakeel was my friend from last 13 years. We were the same native place. We worked in one city. He was employ and I had my own small business. We met twice in a week. Usually we met at his place. Because he was living in his own rented house. I was living with a couple of friends in a sharing place. Where shakeel doesn’t fell easy. Mostly we spend all the Sunday at his home, playing cards, etc. Shakeel family has not too big, his wife neelam and three children. My regular visit made me there like a family member. Even neelam washed and iron my cloths.

Bhabie My Whore

I am lover of tamilstories. I have nearly red all of its stories. And I think that I am owed to share my personal story to my friends. Let’s we start.

Once my father asked some one to give a family massage to one of my cousin. I offered him my service. He agreed with me. The only reason was that I was too fantasizing of my cousin’s wife. She was elder more than half of my age. As I was 18 at that time. I went there at the morning time at 11 O clock.

Pehli Pehli Bar

Helo i am vicky . i am from lahore , pakistan.i am 20 years old . i am narrating my story in urdu. hope you girls and guys will like it . specially pakistani girls and guys. yah us waqat ki baat hay jab ham sahiwaal main rehtay thay aur aur mary umer us waqat 17 saal thi hamaray mohallay main aik larki rehti thi jis ka naam sajida tha . woh bahut khoob soorat thi . us ki shaadi hoonay wali thi .

Sex And The City

Good day every one. I would not say this as a story rather i prefer calling it a journey to manhood. My name is Shyam Sundar i am living in Los Angles CA USA. This is my first experience with a person who was my Teacher , them became my friend ,philosopher , and then became my bed partner .


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