Fucking Mom

While I was growing up, I lived in the Goa belong to a christian family. My dad owned a gas station and worked late a couple of nights per week during the summer. This meant that my mom and I were alone those nights. It was usually hot and mom often drank some wine before, with and after dinner. We would usually do dishes after dinner and, in the summer, she would change from halter top and shorts to a nylon nightgown and sit down on the sofa with her glass of wine and watch TV.She wasn't careful about exposing herself and I often got a brief peek at her tits.

Aunty Anita's Handyboy

As a youth I was somewhat shy and just listened as my friends talked about sex I never got up enough courage to make a move on a girlfriend. The furthest I had ever gone with the girls I dated was kissing and hugging. I had fun with them, at dances, parties and such, but nothing sexual. Some of my friends would tell me that they had done it their girl friends.Naturally, I would fantasize about it and masturbate but that was as close as I came.

The Girlfriend

My name is Raj .I am 20. I want to share my story with you. I have girlfriend her name is sankeeta. She is 18 year and lives in my neighborhood. She is very beautiful lady with 34 25 34 figures. Her height is 5’’7.she has a D shape BOOBS .Her skin is like a silk.We have sexual relationship from last two years. Her father works in air force while her mother is doctor her elder brother sanjey also enjoyed air force recently. Her father and elder brother come home only on holidays. Her mother works in hospital she returns from hospital after 5 O clock. Sankeeta return from college at 2 O Clock.


I knock at sankeeta door at 11 O clock .She was waiting for me. I kissed her she was very enxiouse reagarding the surprise. I asked her to undress immediately then I will tell you about surprise . we undress each other . I asked her to start love to reach orgasm and then for surprise.

Mother Best Love.

I am Vijay, presently 45 and proud father of two beautiful grownup daughters who understand father's all needs. But I will go back to when I was 17 and had sexual pleasure with mother . I fucked many girls and women but mother had been the best. I fucked her continuously for more than 15 years.

Bhabi's Breast.

Hi I am Ramesh , this is story of my visit to Bombay last year , I stay with my BROTHERS HOUSE , house for one week. My brother sexy sweet wife Kalpana bhabi 38 yrs old uff BHARI BHARI GAND BHARIBHARI BOOBS , was so hot and having huge breast 38 wow, and NICE ASS UFFF always wear short blouses and keep her sari under her naval her boobs always dropping I was sohot seeing DREAMS TO PUT MY MOUTH ON BHABIS NAVAL AND PUT MY LUND BET HER BREAST AND RUB HER BREAST WITH MY LUND AND EXPLODE IN HER MOUTH.

Dear dost aur saheli

Mai apni paheli chodai ki kahani batati hu mai janti hu tum sab ko pasand aayegi Mai Meri didi ke ghar gai thi kyoki meri didi ko ladka huva to didi ki seva mai gai thi Waha se mai aaj hi aai hu mai tumhe kal ki bat batati hu do pahar ko meri didi so rahi thi didi ka bachcha mere pas tha to muje joro ka man huva bachche ko mere nipple chuswane ka maine dekha didi so rahi thi jijaji bhi nahi the to mai mera blouse aur bra utar ke meri nipple bachche ke muh mai di who chusne laga muje bahut maja aaya tabhi pichhe se aawaz aayi ravina dusra mai chusu kya jijaji kab aa gaye muje pata hi nahi tha m

Depraved Dignity

Hello. My name is Anil and I am 32 years young. First, I would like to state that the kind of service, which is being provided to the world, through your web site, to my mind, is simply commendable. Every man is born with the basic instincts of sexual feelings. In India the government denies it. With the advent of the Internet era, Man has taken a giant stride to establish and assert his right towards real freedom of thought and expression.

My Horny Bhabi

One night I was reading the India Times when my Bhabi had come into the room. She asked what I was reading and I showed her the front page. She saw that it was an India newspaper so she sat down beside me on the couch. We read it together for a little bit. There was a story that caught her eye. It was about an Indian prostitution ring in Chandgarh, a city in India. She saw that I was really into it and then asked me if I would ever go to a place like that to have sex.


Hello, Myself IBRAHIM wants to share a true incident which took place a couple of weeks back.First off all let me introduce myself I stay in hyderabad and I am fair coloured guy at the age of 19 with a wonderfull physique.


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