Hello readers once again i am back with my second style of fucking i think you remeber my first style in "boss ki biwi" i hope you enjoyed it .now here is my style . one day i was browsing on the internet and i was watching porno sites (adult sites) suddenly my cork started erecting then i thought i will go back to my house and masturbate then i got an idea why not goto my boss house and fuck her wife as she is hungry of sex .

Sautailee Maa Ki Chuudai

Hi folks,
I`m Abu and Im 20 yrs. old, very handsome guy. I`m am a crazy fan of Indian Stories and want to share with U my sexual experience I had with my sexy, 27 yrs. old step-mom. our family hails from Hyderabad,India. My father married Sameena when I was 14 yrs. old. She is 5'7" in height,perfect figure with big, round and firm boobs and a sexy large ass. Till now I had a motherly relation with her.

Sautailee Maa Ki Chuudai part 2

Hi Friends,
Remember me, Its Abu again to share with U another sexual experience of mine with Sameena, my stepmom. And believe me, this time its she who insisted me like anything to post this text on the web, Right now, both of us are sitting absolutely naked into one another`s lap, shifting time to time.

Sautailee Maa Ki Chudai

Hi Folks,
We`re back again, but this time its not Abu, Infact its me, Sameena, His step mom. Acttually I liked the idea of sharing our sexual experirnces with U all. It realy excites me and gives me tickling sensation in my body.

I was encouraged to share the latest experience with U by the huge amount of mails from the readers of the Stories on tamilexposed.COM.

My Club Fuck

Hey there,

i would like 2 tell u my true story but 1stly let me indroduce myself. i am 28 yr old married from karachi
pakistan. me and my husband r very frank. we talk about each others fantasies and discuss with one

Fuck Master

hi! every body. iam a fan of indian stories here is true story of myfriend's house. his name is raaj. he live in a joint family.his father, uncle,aunt.three of them have their own family,living in one home.
in his family,his dad,mom,and bro;uncle has two cute sisters,and aunt has a son and daughter.

True Fuck

My name is Kiran.I am from the the beautiful Chikmagalur district but now living in the princely Mysore in Karnataka..I wish to share an unforgettable experience with you. One afternoon,I went to my friend Joe's house.I rang the bell and I stood looking at the garden ,adjusting my books which I held in my hands;I had not carried a bag.His mother opened the door.As usual she greeted me with a smile and said joe had gone out.I was puzzled because I had told him I would come.His mother added
that he said me to wait untill his return.We were on a project work. I sat in the hall.

Grand Mother Ki Chudai

Hi indian stories Fans!
I am the viewer of indian stories from last 6 months.After this now i am going to share you my sex experience.
The story begins with this. My name is Roofi Khan and i belong to khan family and i fucked my grand mother who is younger sister of my real grand mother.

Fucking Stranger

Hello friends:

Let me introduce myself, my name is Umer 28 yrs old live in Vancouver Canada. Recently I had an encounter
with a stranger. Later that stranger become my friend, her name is Jennifer (jen)!

Hear from her directly: An Encounter with a stranger I hope you enjoy it as much as I did… We were returning from a short vacation on Vancouver Island. We boarded the ferry for the last leg of our journey, and headed for the cafeteria to grab

Virgin Fuck

My name is Imran,and I live in Karachi(Pakistan).I'm a married & have a son aged 2yrs,my wife and I get along very well as far as sex is concerned.

The following story is a true one and it happened in Febuary 2000,when my wife's family(my in-laws)planned an overnight picnic at their farm house whioch is almost two hours drive from our house that is in Defence Phase-4.My wife's elder brother has two wives with four children,two from each and the eldest is a daughter aged 15 and her name is sara,she is a beautiful


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