Hi! I am Anil and this is the first time I am writing to you about experiences I can never forget. I hope you can relate to it, since it was the sort of opportunity which comes in every man's way, but, only a few lucky ones can grab it.

I have been working in an office which has equal number of females as males. Most girls are from middle-class backgrounds, with a lot of "moralistic" shit ingrained into them. But, one girl, Sonia stands apart. She is pretty, slim (perhaps extra slim, except at places that matter), 5'3" tall without heels, and has bazookas that defy gravity.

The True One

For the past one week since my wife went to her parents I found this Site and started taking out prints of various stories available on the site. Few of them I found were matching to my first experience in sex with my bhabhi. After a long thought I decided to share it with you. At that time I was 17 and was in 11th standard. I am now 41 and she is 47. I Still look for girls/ladies for fucking and sucking. Till my marriage I have not had any sex other than my wife. Still I want to have with someone who wish to have it.


This is the story of how I and my mother became lovers when I was 15 years old and how our relationship became more intimate later. My mother's name is Meena and my name is Sunil. We are a middle class Gujarathi family. My mother was married at the age of 14 to her uncle - my grandmother's brother - when he was 40 years old, after his first wife died. I was born the same year she got married and after me, she had two girls and a boy was born just a few months before this story starts. It was the baby that started our affair.

Didi Mumme

Shakshi opened the door without bothering to put on any clothes. She was expecting Chechi. Ayesha and her father, Sarfaraz, had expressed a desire to get together Chechi. An appointment had been made. The father and the daughter had come early. They already had had their sessions together. Shakshi watched Ayesha fuck her father. Ayesha had developed a liking for her father's kunna (cock). She loved to ride him. Sarfaraz loved to piss in her daughter's bum hole. Today she had shown the capacity to retain it within herself.

Pleasing Mom's

I am Vijju 29yrs old I am going to tell you a true story which happened when I was 18yrs old we used to live in a village in east Gdavari district Andhrapradesh I have one sister older to me and my sister used to sleep together with my mum my dad expired when I was young I used to sleep in between my mother and sister when it was summer due to the heat we used to swim in our pond my mum and my sister used to bathe in their petticoats as I was used to seeing them bathe since I was small I never used to get aroused one day a friend showed me a book which had people fucking in different poses t

First Time Sex With Neighbour.

Hi, this is Raju from Mumbai. I am 35 today and married. This story is about 15 years back, when I had just come out of my Engineering. I was looking for a job, and my neighbor one floor below me, offered a freelancing opportunity to me. He was working for some manufacturing company and had to make some machine. He wanted some person who can design the machine for him. I accepted the offer and started working with him. As his office was far off from our place, he offered me to work at his home. He was about 35 and his wife Jaya was of about 30, they had a child of 4 that time.

My First Night Fantasy

I am working in U.S as a software engineer and my parents are seeking an alliance for me, one day my parents send me the photo of u and asked me whether i liked the girl, as i have seen ur photos and details about u, i am impressed about ur beauty, and it is dream come true for me and u have all the qualities that i have dreamed to became my wife and i am very happy that my parents selected the good one, so immediately i accepted and wrote to my parents about my confirmation and i said that i will come by Dec, so i want our marraige to be held on the New MIllinieum that is 1st Jan 2000.


Hi There Every One! I am a great fan of indian stories.I would like to share my expereince with you.First let me introduce Myself.I am 19 years old staying in Mumbai in india.My name is Priyanka Chopra.It all started when my boy freind mahesh whom I loved a lot went behind after some other girl after breaking up with me.I was Really very sad and weeping in tears.Then After a long period of time every thing was fine except my studies.I was getting bad to worse in studies.II did not know what to do.

Mother Fucker

I'm 24 years old and belong to a middle class family with a younger sister who is 8 years father works with a MNC and half of his time is spent mother is a housewife and she is one of the those ladies who can seduce even a saint in a few seconds.she has got a wonderful figure with the most sexiest feature being her right sized boobs.The blouse she wears expose half of her boobs and semitransparent sarees are enough for me to jerk at.

Internet Fucking

Hi guys and grls.

I am from Peshawar (Pakistan). Thanks to indian Stories where every body share their stories. Today I want to share my story. Which happend about one year ago.It was sunday. I went to deposit moeny in my internet accoutn. When I deposited money in internet account, I reached to bus stop. It was one oclock afternoon. I saw a girl standing alone there. At bus stop only we


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