"My Sister Parted My Legs"

When my sister and I were younger, we had never really got along, and had constant arguments, at times not speaking for days on end. We both agree that sex was the last thing on our minds.

It started when she was 20, (I was nearly 19), this was the first year that our parents decided that she could stay at home while they were on holiday, I kicked up such a fuss, they eventually allowed me to stay at home, (much to my sister's fury).

"I Entered My Sister"

I was doing poorly in some classes in college so I called my sister to come over and talk. I needed some assurance, I needed to knoe that I could pull myself up. I was assured in less than 2 seconds of her saying "sure". The hug sort of turned me on. I had a hardon. As we broke, she placed her hand on my pants to get balance and felt something. "Oo, what's that?" "Oh, sorry Karen, you gave me an erection with that hug." I was embarrased as hell.

"Get Between Your Sister's Legs!"

"It's time you two kids learned about sex. Now both of you get on the bed," said my mother. Obediently, Karen and I started to climb on our mother's bed. "Not that way, you idiots." Momma sounded disgusted. "Get undressed first!" Karen grinned at me, and I grinned back. We knew that Momma wasn't really mad, just impatient for some reason. Still, we hurriedly stripped out of our clothes, before getting on the bed, as Momma told us to.

"My Sis Is Getting Married"

I was disappointed when I heard that my sister Amy was getting married. We had been getting it on together for two years now, ever since Sis came home hot and frustrated from a dance one night. She was the hottest girl in town and every guy in school had been dying to get into her pants. Little did they know sweet little Amy was getting it regularly from her big brother! A

"I Had Dad"

I can't believe it was only five years ago. It seems longer. I've done a lot of living and a lot of growing, physically and emotionally, in the past five years. As I write these words in my dormitory room at Western University where I'm an Economics major, my thoughts drift back to that Kansas City summer after I graduated. It was the first time I tried to get my father to have sexual intercourse with me.

"Mother's Little Secret"

Jeff Dawson felt like he was coming down with the flu. He had toughed it out all day and somehow made it through all his classes, but he knew he couldn't work after school. Hoping he wouldn't pass out on the way, he drove over to the Burger Barn. When Mr. Simmons saw him walk through the door, he took him by the shoulders and turned him around.

"You 'll not be working here today, my lad," he said, "so go on home and come back when you're well."

"Fucking My Mother"

I started lusting after my mom when I was 18. She was thirty seven and sexy as hell - beautiful long legs, slim body and breasts to die for. It was the magnificience of her enormous breasts, along with her wonderful smooth thighs that sparked my lust. Initially, I would masturbate into one of her panties or bra cups (she wore a 40DD) and satisfy my urges with that.

"Make Mom Happy "

I would like to narrate a wonderful experience . Though I am 23 now, right from my adolescent days , I was always interested in reading incest stories from books like Human Digest and I would furiously masturbate myself to glory. I live with my mom who is 45 years and my elder sister who is 24 years,now. Both of them possess voluptuous figures, though I had never exhibited any sexual feelings towards them before.

A Horny Birthday Present

About few days back, we decided to give a horny birthday present for my friend, Preeti. We decided, that first Preeti would watch and then if she liked and got turned on, she would join in. Like me, Shilpa has a great figure. I was pretty nervous about stripping naked in front of 6 strangers with another girl, but Shilpa and I got on so well with them, that I soon lost my nervousness. For the gift we were both wearing stockings and garters,high-heel shoes and short, skimpy mini-dresses with nothing underneath.

SHAZIA: The neighbors wife

The story here is absolutely true. And all the events happened are described without any exaggeration. Even the names here are correct.


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