I Fuck My Mom Older Sister

Hello ladies and gents, I am going to tell a story about how I fucked my mom’s older sister. Right now I am 20 yrs old who is in US. This story happened when I was about 17 years old. My aunt was the best women for sex.
My aunt was about 36 yrs old. She has the best boobs in the world. Her figure was about 44-30-36. She doesn’t have any children and her husband was in Canada working so she lived with my grandparents who were really old. Since I was small I always go to my aunt’s house for the summer. As usual I went down there for a summer when I was about 17 yrs old.

Sex With Mami

Hi u all erotic stories i am also big fan of these stories i am also joining this club.let me introduce u first i am raj and i am of 22.medium build,fair in colour and now my dream girl she is was non other than my mami(mothers brothers wife).her name is sapna.she had a sexybody. Perfect dips and curves in the right places.fresh medium size breasts,slim waist and most beautiful in her was her rounded ass when she walked it bounce i loved that in her very much.i visited my mamas house to see her only. in meantime she became my dreamgirl.i became a very good friend of her.she was so free that she used to change her clothes in my presence and i obviously stare her body.she had seen me to watching her body but told nothing.i used to mastribute twice or thrice on her name but not able to say her my feelings as i was afraid that if she will be not ready she will tell my parents and results will b bad for me.

Meri Khala

I am 23 m from rawalpindi, Pakistan. and i am the fan of tamilstories.ca, i daily read the stories of tamilstories.ca dear friends of tamilstories.ca, i write my story in urdu, darasal may matric may jub parta tha,tou mujay xxxmovies dekhnay ka ithifaq howa,jub say may nay sexy movies dekhnaa shroo ki ,tub say mujay sex ka shoke par giya, aur may haftay mai 7 ya 8 martaba mooth mara karta tha.

Abb app ko apni story kar baray mai batata hoon.yeh koi 2 saal palay ki baat hai, meri aik khala rawalpindi may hee rahti hain.may her friday ko unn kay ghar gaya karta tha, uss waqat meri age 20years thii, aur meri height 5feet 4 inch thi.aur meri khala ki age 26years thii,aur unn ki shadi nahi howi thi.lakin muy janta tha, kay unhoo nay kahi boyfriends rakhay howay hain, lakin jubb say may sex kay baray may jan giya, tub say mujay apni khala beuhat achi aur sexy nazar atii tni,kui kay uss ki height 5 feet , too small, but her brest size 34, and figures 36, 28, they.may jub bhi unn kay ghar gata , koshish karta kay may kissi na kissi tarah hun ki body ko choonay ki koshish karoon.aur jiss rose woe bara nahi painti thii, may unn kay mummy dekhnay ki koshish karta tha.yeh koi 2 sall palay ki baat hai, mai aik din shaam kay time khala kay ghar chala giya, woe muj say galay laga kar milli ,aur uss kay baid haal hawal pooch kar meri liya colddrink banay chali gayii ,thoori dair baid woe colddrink lay ayii,aur mujay peenay ko diya, aur phir baatain karnay lagii,phir uss kay baid woe uthii, aur kissi kam say apnay kamray may gayiin,aur phir wapis aa gayiin, aur muj say kahanay lagi [soory dostoo, may nay app ko apna naam nahi bataya, mujay app Sono kah saktay hain] sono.

Preeti Experience

Hello everybody. this is Preti. hope u guys remember me. this time I'm gonna tell u abt my second experience a foursome. Vineet was very happy at the overwhelming response received to our story. so we planned for a foursome. he had called his friend sujay n I had called Sushma.

dad n mom were as usual at their offices n as my engg was completed I used to stay at home.i had called sush for that day. sujay n vineet came from the college. we all had some beer which they had got. I had told sushma that it would be a gr8 day today n she knew that I had set her up for a real banging that day.

we came to vinny's room n saw a xxx movie which aroused our feelings. we both got up n started doing a strip show to please them. we removed our salwars n kameez together n started fondling each other's breasts for some time as they took out their shafts n started stroking them. sushma's facial expressions showed that she was desperate for a fuck. vinny went to sush n removed her bra n started sucking her nipples. she was moaning with pleasure. sushma had a gr8 figure of 36 26 38 n I admired her for it. she was my lesbian teacher.

Birth Day Present From Aunty

Helloo to all tamilstories.ca story readers. i have read so many stories on this site. After reading so much stories. i have decided to narrate u abt my first sex with my aunt.

Firstly, I would like to tell u abt me. i am 19 years old boy living in gujarat. this all happened with my aunty who is very sexy. at the age of time I first time licked my own semen. I liked her very much. I used to giver eyes on her big boobs. She had caught me many times but didn"t tell me any thing. This all happened on my 18 th birthday She had come to place. She wished me happy birthday and gave me hard hug. I understood what was in her mind. While giving me hug, she told me that she would give me wonderful birthday present if manage to go to her home late night.

Sister In Law

Hello, this is Aasif from America. I have been an admirier of tamilstories.ca for a long time now. I wish to relate to you a story that happened to me about 1 year ago. At the time, I was living in my home with my wife, my two little girls, my mother, and my aunt. At the time my wife had just come home from visiting with her mother in Pakistan. Her sister, Fari, had just gotten her fiance visa and was coming with her to stay until she got married. Let me describe my sister-in-law for you, she is 5'2" 120lbs, 36B-24-35. She is a knockout.

My First Experience

My Name is ravi. I am 24 years old now. I'm from Chennai, India any females in urge for sex can contact me at seducingchennaian@yahoo.com, their identities will b kept in secret. This happened to me when I was 23. I was staying in my Mom's sister's (Aunty) house in the city attending interviews. My Uncle is a Sales Representative. He will be out of town for at least 25 days a month. My aunty was 31 years old that time. She is really beautiful and sexy. Especially I love her boobs. Her boobs are huge and those two cannot be kept with in her Bra and Blouse. Most of the time when she is doing household work her sari cannot cover her big boobs and her cleavage is always feast to my eyes. Strong and beautifully shaped thighs. Her tight ass is a bit big but goddamn sexy. One Friday morning I was sitting in my Bedroom and reading a Sex magazine I got it from my friend. My uncle went on a tour. (as usual). Aunty yelledRAVI, can you help me? I have to go to the Groceries." I went down the hall to her room. She was standing with her back to the mirror, looking at it over the shoulder. All she had on was her black skirt and white bra.

Sexy Nadia Ki Chudai

Hello: All lovely girls and sexy aunties who are regular readers of tamilstories.ca stories. I am regular reader of tamilstories.ca for a long time. I am a guy of 28 years and have lot of sex experiences with various sexy girls and hot aunties. I have been thinking for a long time to share my stories with other readers.

My name is Asad and I live in Lahore and working in a bank. My hight is 5.10 feet and have a good athletic body and fair complexion. I have a great urge of sex. The story, which I am going to share with you is fucking of my friend’s wife her name is Nadia, a sex symbol having figure of 36d-28-38. Junaid (my friend) and Nadia live in Islamabad. I attended their marriage ceremony but with regrets that I would have fucked this sexy hot girl before her wedding night. This was in her knowledge that I have eyes on her and she also gave me positive response. One day our Islamabad branch called me at a meeting and I decided to go on Saturday so that I could spend Sunday with Junaid and sexy Nadia. I reached at Islamabad at 8.30 night. I bell the door and Nadia came out to open the door, oh my God that horny girl was looking like sex bomb, which will explode shortly. She was wearing light yellow kurta and pajama, her black lacy bra was fully exposed with her two heavy firm boobs. Her pajama was giving all good looks of her tight thighs and round ass. I started watching her big breast and round ass stunted me. She Said “Asad how are you” Oh I said fine, she gave me a naughty smile and gave way to enter in house. I asked “where is Junaid”, she said “he had gone to Dubai to attend company’s exhibition and we (Nadia and Junaid’s old mother) are alone at home”.

Fuck Of Virgin Sisters

Hello to all tamilstories.ca reader .I am a great fan of this site especially the fantasy zone.Let me discribe my self I am mononol(name changed) i am 19 yrs of age doing graduation from delhi university. My sis name is soniya (name changed) she a true bomb shell her body stats are 34"26"32" with very fair complextion she is of 16yrs age.

All this happened a week ago my parents had to go out station to our relative as some one died there . We both were left alone at home . My mom told me to take care of soniya and sleep in her room as she gets afraid at night. I said ok. they left early morning at 8:00 iwoke up got ready for my college and asked soniya to get ready for school.She said i'll be on holiday today i said ok .I went to college but had some strange felling in my mind bout my sis so i came back college early .As i reached home and and opened the door with my key(all member of family have there own key) i saw soniya was working on computer i came and stood right behind her. i was shocked to see that she was watching adult site .

Sajida Bhabie Ki Zabardast Chudai

Hello tamilstories.ca, This is not only a story,but it is an invitation to those mummies, aunties, bhabhis, bajis, babies,girls n women who are not satisfied with their partners.or want to fullfil their sexual fantasies and unsatisfied sexual needs.i offer my sexual services to all above said ladied.though I live in sukkur,but I can go every where,where my services to be needed.b’cause sex,sex,sex,is the only hobby n business of mine.in this regard age, race, color, looks, physique,doesn’t make any difference.the only condition is to be sexually alive n hot.”pehlay aaiey pehlay paaiey”is the another condition.netsex lovers and sexy chat lovers also acceptable. so needy ladies can contact me on paragonicsex4all@hotmail.com

Secrecy will be kept and expected.sorry for money seeking women n girls. Now I describe myself.i m arshaan from sukkur.i am 25.masters in English literature.fair color,good looking average built.having numbers of sexual encounters with many ladies n girls.i am also treasure of sexual jokes n stories.all of u can exchange also.let’s enjoy the story.for more pleasure n enjoyment I narrate my story in our national language.


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