First Experience

My Name is ravi. I am 24 years old now. I'm from Chennai, India any females in urge for sex can contact me at, their identities will b kept in secret. This happened to me when I was 23. I was staying in my Mom's sister's (Aunty) house in the city attending interviews. My Uncle is a Sales Representative. He will be out of town for at least 25 days a month. My aunty was 31 years old that time. She is really beautiful and sexy. Especially I love her boobs. Her boobs are huge and those two cannot be kept with in her Bra and Blouse.

My Lusty Wife

My wife Malvika loves to fantasize during sex. In the first few years after our marriage there was no obvious indication from her that she enjoyed fantasy. She is very attractive and has an innocent look about her. Friends who know us will never imagine that my wife is capable of such exploits because everyone thinks she is very simple and conservative. Well to me, she always was a very erotic woman as far as sex was concerned although it's true that she was extremely conservative in routine day to day life. It all began in Bangalore when we lived there.

Karachi Ki Rani Chudi Raja Jee Say

Hi tamilstories readers, I am the regular reader of tamilstories and now i want to share all of you my experience, this is true story about my sex-life experience, this story is between me and the lady who is living in our area, let me introduce my self and that lady first. My name is Raja, i am 23 years old, tall, dashing, with wonderful innocent dick(lund), i live in karachi pakistan, and that lady name is Rani (this is not real name of that lady, its secret thats why i used this name ), Rani has Wonderful figure 36-24-36, she has 2 childs and her husband is a director in some company thats why he used to go out of town many times, so in home rani and her only 2 children live.

Zoni From Multan

Hi I m zoni I m regular reader of Erotic Stories. Now I decided to share my true story to other fellow readers. 1st I told u that I live in Pakistan and in the city of MULTAN . I m 22 years old avg. body but have 7 inches long cock. This is my 1st time to have a sex with any lady bcoz I always masturbation in bath room. But when I fuck the female now I think that there is no any enjoyment with masturbation rather than fucking anyhow I told u my story. Now the story begins but 1st I told u about my cousin. She is 27th year old, married, have a nice body one drawback is that her boobs r not so big but having tight pussy. Now the story begins.

Lovely Sex

This was a real happening in my life .I am 26 year old housewife. Myself 34C-28-38 5’5” 55 kg gori cute face or you can say extremely beautiful. My husband is a engineer in central government job. Previous year he was posted at small dist town of M.P.. We live in rented house with our only son of 6 months. My hubby Vijay loves me very much. He is very fond of me. Almost daily he used to play with me physically. I am very much satisfied with my sexual life. Once he had to go chandigarh to meet his father who is seriously ill. Due to small child I was unable to go so I was alone in house . He assured that he will come within 4 days and left after a satisfying sex . During night I am very much afraid of loneliness . That was the first time after marriage that I was alone in my house. Fortunately next day a bosom friend of my hubby ( Rahul ) came to our house from Delhi without prior information. He is also familiar to me as he came earlier many times to our house . I am pleased, and told my hubby on phone that Rahul had come .

Sex Punishment

Hi guys I am Meghna 18 years old 5’5” good figure 38 26 39. I am going to narrate to you about my punishment given by my family members that is my dad mom and brother. I have been mastuburating since the age of 13. at that age I didn’t came but just had a a little pain in my pussy.

Sexy Malkan

I am regular reed of tamilstories. I like its story pages very much because there peoples share their secrets to each other. Now let me share one of my real story. It is 100percent real.

My father was cook with a rich family. I was studying in school. My mother wanted me to study; my father also wanted me to educated. But he often brings me along with him on holiday to his working place, which was a big bungalow in very push area of Islamabad. He used to cook while I was watching him and helping him. There were five persons in this bungalow. Sahib, her wife, tow son and one daughter. sahib was an aged person of 60 but his wife whom we called begamsab was in her 38/40. His both sons were studying in college, while his daughter in high school.

Jamila A Friend Wife

My dear friends of tamilstories story pages. After reading all of your. I decided to narrate my story to you that happened to me some year ago. Jamila was wife of one of my friend. She was too beautiful woman in her late 30s, with a reddish color slim long body. She has long black hairs, which were matching on Her thick long shape face. She has a nice round ass and was small but every time erected beautiful round tits.

Lucky Islamabadian

Hi, this is Muzi. from Islamabad. how'r u all the readers. i am reading erotic stories on tamilstories for last 5 to 6 yrs. let me describe my self. i'm 19 yrs. old and stding in ics part-2. Fair complexioned and have a hight of 6'2". n my tool size is 8" inch. this is the first time i'm writing my story. The original story begins when i recieved a dump fone call two weeks later.

Hot Sex In Dallas

This is My first time writing a story to tamilstories but i am a big fan of tamilstories as i think reading these erotic stories help me know what pleases women better. Well I am 22 years old , i live in Dallas, TX. A college student. I live alone with my brother. I love older woman but never got lucky but i just did..... It looked like a regular day... i woke up and got ready for college and was off to college and i was driving and jamming and to my surprise I saw a desi lady standing on the side of the road with a flat tire. It was on the highway so i had to take an exit and come back. So i pull over and come out and i asked her, " do you need some help?" she said smiling at me " hello, yes it would be kind of you." i said no problem..... and got the spare tire and started to change the tire. We started talking.. ..


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