Indian Family In USA

Sunita, and Anita were both born in India. Their father had join a software firm in USA and moved his family to the U.S. when the sisters were very young. Sunita was now 18, and Anita was 19, and they were very close. Their parents had raised them very strictly according to Indian culture. Anita had just gotten her own apartment, and to her parents disapproval, moved Sunita in with her. As the girls spent their first night away from home, it was as if a new world had opened up for them. Anita talked Sunita into going to the local bar, and they both dressed sexily, and nervously entered the night club. Neither girl had a clue about what drink to order, and when the 2 young men approached them, they were quite apprehensive. "Hi, my name is Scott" the blonde hair blue eyed 21 yr old male said to Sunita.

Ashmeeta - 2

The Story of my sexual escapades continues. I started seeing Ashmeeta regularly and fucking her every time we met. It was always in the motel unit and by now the owners of the place knew us and were us giving discounts for the room. We explored many fucking positions and oral sex. During our chit chat, Ashmeeta said that her sister Praneeta is suspecting her affair with her uncle and seems to be always around whenever he is home. When I asked Ashmeeta if her sister had a boyfriend, she said no. I started fantasying fucking Praneeta. I really got turned on and fucked Ashmeeta really hard doggy style. Trying out new blood was really on my mind and I asked Ashmeeta if I can have her sister some time. She told me she was thinking same, and if she can get me Praneeta, it will save her trouble at home about the uncle. We thought that taking Praneeta to a movie and smooth talking and seduction will be starting point. Ashmeeta arranged we will meet Friday afternoon after Praneeta’s school or the weekend when her uncle is likely to work.

Sexy Sleeping Bhabie

Hello Fans!This is my True Story . As i m also the big fan of erotic story so i desided to share my story with all of u . My story is of 2 years ago when i was just 17 amd my bhabhi was about 28.First of all i would like to introduse u my self that i m "S". Due to some privacy i hide my name, so i m from Pakistan.I Have very small family there is just me and my elder bro and my parents and one and only my bhabhi with his 3 years old son.So i m smart 19 years old with normal personality.But my Bhabhi is gr8 as it is her figure approximately 38" 30" 40".with milky colour skin and very bold. Whenever i was in home i just watch her Boobs and big Ass which attracts me very much so this is the reason that many times i touch her ass and behave like incident . As Well As time passed my intension increased and atlast the day came when i start my story of life.

Fucking A Virgin At Beach

Hey guys and girls. This is me Eddy again baq to give you one more of my sexual encounters. Well this particular one has been requested by a very good friend of mine who after knowing asked me to post this one. Neways first of all thanx to all of you who appreciated my writings and for those guys pretending to be girls..... too bad guys get ure own girl ;) well baq to my encounter. well this involved a very sweet and young virgin girl of age 16. she was the sister of my pal's girlfriend. well it was around november last year when we all something like 7 guys and girls went to a party. well my pal's gurl was so kind enough to bring her lill sister along too.

Aishwarya Rai And Irfan Khan

Dear friends main pehli baar aap logoon ki khidmat main apni story likh ker bhaij raha hoon is liye apna introduction karata chaloon.My name is IRFAN KHAN age 27 years and height 6 feet hay.

3 months pehlay main India kay City Mumbai ghoomnay kay liye giya tha itifaaq say mujhay jo gher rent per mila tha woh Bollywood ki sab say Beautiful,Smart and Big Heroin AISHWARIYA RAI kay saath wala tha.Main bohat khush hua kion keh Aishwariya mairay khuaboon ki shehzadi thee aur main kayee baar Aish ko sapnoon main Chod chuka tha.Aish gher main apnay 17years old chhotay bhai Vijay kay saath rehtee thee.Aish kay Ammi aur Abbu kissi doosray City gaye huway thay.

Gujrati Boy Fantasy

Hi to every one. My name is PRIYANK from Gujarat, INDIA having average physic and height of 5'5".i have read many storie's in But till I never fucked any girl's. THis time I am going to narating u my own story. But it's just a fantacy. It's starts from here....... This happened when i'm at 20.actually my place is a village near to Ahmedabad, which is 200k.m from ahmedabad . when I went to my village for my friend's marriage.there i met with this stunning beauty.her name is Anu and her age is just 20. She is 5'5" tall fair complexion, blue & sexy eyes, ass long hairs, with very big & firm boobs, flat tummy & nice big & juicy softest ass.

Her vitals were 38dd, 25,36 which I came to know later. by seeing her at that time it self i have fixed to fuck her.but how?i went to her and said "hai i'm priyank "and by smiling she said"i'm anu".i have asked her where ru from.she said that she is from hyderabad.that's it i have started talking about hyderabad and where i stay and asked her that where u stay and taken the address. In the evening we went to our farm house. there we have sat near our pond and started talking about film's. We have talked about great film titanic for half an hour. Immediately I asked her "Anu do u have boy friend’s, have U Kissed any one". She said "no". I asked her Shall I kiss u. she said "no". I have asked her why didn’t you like it. She said nothing. I have not forced her more cause there is more time to me to enjoy with her.

Sex With Cousin

I am Rahul. I live in Indore. I am 32 years old.. I am working as a doctor. I used to browse in the websites. My favorite site is I used the read the stories in this site. I am going to narrate a true-life incident.I had a cousin. Her name is minu. She is 21 years old. She is good looking and had a good large pair of boobs. I used to watch her whenever I got time. She is very sexy. She used to visit our house often. Her mother sometimes has some tours and then Chinnu will be staying in our house. We used to talk about our profession.

Apnay Khawind Say Pehli Baywafai

Mairay khawand ko america gai hoay doo saall ho gay thay oor may apnay doo bachoon kay sath akaili rahti thee , mairi baiti ki umar bara saall thee oor mairay baitay ki umar taira saall thee , main nay kubhi kisi ghair murdd kay sath sex kay baray main socha bhi naheen tha mugar jub main nay kisi say yeh sunna kay mairay khawand nay america main shadi kur li hai too mujhay bara ghusa laga , oor jub un say phone pur batt hoi oor unhoon nay iqrar kar lia oor bataya kai bohat majboori thee iss liay unhoon nai shadii ki hai oor pphir jub milnay waloon nain bhi mujhay aa aa kur cherna shroo kur dia, log ajeeb ajeeb batain kurtay kay murd oorat kay bghair rah nahiin sukta too main nain bhi sochna shroo kur dia kay kia oorat murd kay bghair rah sukti hai, main hur waqat yahi sochti rahti oor main taqreeban pagal ho gai thee.

House Owner Horny House Wife

Before telling the story let me tell you a bit about myself, my name is Ravi and I'm 30, the story I'm going to share with you is 100% true and it all happened to me a year ago. After my graduation I got a job and in the process i have been transferred to Hyderabad and I have to come here, as I haven't any place to live here so I started looking for an accommodation here with the help of a friend of mine.

Sex With Servant

Let me start my story by describing myself. I am 24/m/Hyderabad. I am 5'3" in height and have 8" thick dick. I had always been having desires to experience sex with different women, so had eyed all the women who came across my day, Like my family friends Auntie’s and specially my maid servants. I must express my desirous to all of you that I am made for having sex with Married women’s and auntie’s (specially those who are not satisfied with there mates), because I think I can just fill there loneliness with my blasting desirous.


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