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Urmila Bhabi Ki Padai

This is about my own bhabi close friend URMILA, she is Urmibhabijan is our neighbour. Let me tell u about my self CUZ MAY BE U ALL FORGET ABT ME. I am -- year old , 5'8" in height and well built--- and my URMIBHABI is of 33 years old 36c round ass blue eyes ufff / and have ONE SON Anil 7yrs OLD AND SWEET sexy girl RADHA 14.. My bhabi told me URMI WANTS ME TO TEACH HER CHILDREN IF I HAVE TIME, SO STARTED giving tuition to both his son and daughter JUST AS CURIOUSITY NOT FOR MONEY JUST TO SEE MY URMI I STARTED THIS .As our house is joint family, so I have to go to URMILA BHABIS house to teach her children. Her husband Narayan is a SALES manager in private firm and is always on tour. His age is 38.

I always fantasise about Urmila bhabi. I like her big bund(ass) and big boobs. I always peep on her at the time of teaching her CHILDREN and she knows that and she enjoys it.she too sit in front of us leaving her pallow down showing her one the best breast in the world making my LUND LIKE HELL JUMPING IN MY PYJAMAS AS I NEVER WEAR UNDERWEAR WEN I GO FOR TEACHING .she always notice my lund hard in my pants.


Hello, Myself IBRAHIM wants to share a true incident which took place a couple of weeks back.First off all let me introduce myself I stay in hyderabad and I am fair coloured guy at the age of 19 with a wonderfull physique. It happened like that these were the early days of KAUN BANEGA CROREPATI and I was very much exited to go and play and win lots off money.As I was well prepared for competitive exams I had alot of general knowledge,but unfortunately for me we did not had a phone as my father is on emergency duty so for that reason we did not take a phone as any time he may recive an emergency call. Recently 2 months back a young couple came to live in our neighbourhood.they had 2 children one off them was off 4yrs and the other was just off 3 months old.so after fewdays of friend with my neighbour Iaskedhis tel.no.and saidI want to play KBC.he did not hesitateand gave me his no.soon I called KBCand was waiting for my chance. My neighbours wife is just like a princess,she is very much fair with aperfect figure.I used to get tempted when ever she used to come in the balcony as the balcony wasjust next to my window.even as she used to give a smile at me I never spoke to her.

My Horny Bhabi

One night I was reading the India Times when my Bhabi had come into the room. She asked what I was reading and I showed her the front page. She saw that it was an India newspaper so she sat down beside me on the couch. We read it together for a little bit. There was a story that caught her eye. It was about an Indian prostitution ring in Chandgarh, a city in India. She saw that I was really into it and then asked me if I would ever go to a place like that to have sex. I smiled and replied, "maybe if I was really horny and my girlfriend was not around." She then looked at me and grabbed my arm. At first it looked like she was about to slap me, but then she caressed her fingers on my face. She started putting her fingers near my lips and said you have very soft and wet lips. At first I smiled not knowing what to do.

Her being my brothers wife and all, I didn't know if I should be doing this right now. But I was already pretty horny, with all the questions she was asking me. So I didn't really mind the fact that she was my brothers wife. And I licked my lips even more. She started smiling and sat on top of me throwing the newspaper on the ground. Her fingers went from my lips into my mouth. And I started rubbing on her breasts. I could see her nipples getting really hard, and she was already moaning slightly. I looked at the clock and it was only 2. Knowing that my brother would be back from work by 4, I knew I had a good amount of time. I picked her up from the couch and took her to my waterbed. She was amazed to see how much the water on my bed jiggled around as I was taking her dress off. After taking her dress off, I realised that she had no panties on. She started to take my pants off. I told her if she had ever put a penis in her mouth, she smiled and said no. So I showed her how. I told her to grab my penis and place it firmly on her hand, and then to put it in her mouth. I told her to start sucking in and out until I told her to stop. So she kept sucking, for a rookie I might add, she was very good.

Depraved Dignity

tamil erotic stories - tamil sex stories Dear Desi friends,

Hello. My name is Anil and I am 32 years young. First, I would like to state that the kind of service, which is being provided to the world, through your web site, to my mind, is simply commendable. Every man is born with the basic instincts of sexual feelings. In India the government denies it. With the advent of the Internet era, Man has taken a giant stride to establish and assert his right towards real freedom of thought and expression. He does not want to be cowed down by the whimsical rules and regulations formulated by Hippocratic old people, whose elan has been extinguished into hypocritical hibernation. By definition, Freedom to do any act by an individual finishes where the other person’s nose begins.

Bhabi's Breast

tamil erotic stories - tamil sex stories Hi I am Ramesh , this is story of my visit to Bombay last year , I stay with my BROTHERS HOUSE , house for one week. My brother sexy sweet wife Kalpana bhabi 38 yrs old uff BHARI BHARI GAND BHARIBHARI BOOBS , was so hot and having huge breast 38 wow, and NICE ASS UFFF always wear short blouses and keep her sari under her naval her boobs always dropping I was sohot seeing DREAMS TO PUT MY MOUTH ON BHABIS NAVAL AND PUT MY LUND BET HER BREAST AND RUB HER BREAST WITH MY LUND AND EXPLODE IN HER MOUTH. I started masturbating watching her taking shower from holes and smelling her panties and bras. and I started wearing lung at home leaving my lund to be hard so that my BHABI can see my huge lund.

Mother Best Love

tamil erotic stories - tamil sex stories I am Vijay, presently 45 and proud father of two beautiful grownup daughters who understand father's all needs. But I will go back to when I was 17 and had sexual pleasure with mother . I fucked many girls and women but mother had been the best. I fucked her continuously for more than 15 years.

Ours was small family . myself , sister ,my father an manager in a mnc and my beautiful and sexy mother. I was then 17 and she in prime of her youth 33. She got married at 15 and and within three year we were born, sister and then me.Mother's each and every part of was sexy and sensuous, fair,5ft 4inch, wide shoulder, big and round and full breast, and shapely hips and thighs,Sliding of hips over each other was a sight to see. Our life was normal .Father and sister used to leave for work at 8 in morning, sister was coming back at 7 pm and dad at about 8 pm.My school was 11 to 4 and I was back home by 4.30. In school one day I heard my two friends talking about my mother." Vijay's mother is a mast maal.Her breast are full and juicy.


tamil erotic stories - tamil sex stories I knock at sankeeta door at 11 O clock .She was waiting for me. I kissed her she was very enxiouse reagarding the surprise. I asked her to undress immediately then I will tell you about surprise . we undress each other . I asked her to start love to reach orgasm and then for surprise.

We start kissing each other .i start sucking her nipples and rubing her cunt and hips she playing with my cock. In ten minutes we fully prepare for surprise.I told her to day I will fuck your ass hole from air. she start starring at me with unbelieve.she reply "Raj you never fuck me in ass hole .my ass hole is very samll and virgin. your cock is very huge even my cunt feel extreme pain when you fuck me. Its is totally inmposible I will never alow you to fuck my ass hole.

The Girlfriend

tamil erotic stories - tamil sex stories My name is Raj .I am 20. I want to share my story with you. I have girlfriend her name is sankeeta. She is 18 year and lives in my neighborhood. She is very beautiful lady with 34 25 34 figures. Her height is 5’’7.she has a D shape BOOBS .Her skin is like a silk.We have sexual relationship from last two years. Her father works in air force while her mother is doctor her elder brother sanjey also enjoyed air force recently. Her father and elder brother come home only on holidays. Her mother works in hospital she returns from hospital after 5 O clock. Sankeeta return from college at 2 O Clock. I live in two beds flat alone I come home from college at 2 O clock so there is plenty of opportunities and time to have sex.

மகளிர் காம நிலையம் – Part 2

tamil erotic stories - tamil sex stories ஜெயா கொஞ்சம் வெறி பிடித்தவளாய் இருந்தாள். பற்களை கடித்துக் கொண்டு என் முகத்தில் தன் புண்டையை வைத்து இரக்கம் இல்லாமல் தேய்த்தாள். என் கழுத்தை இறுக்கி பிடித்து இருந்தாள். “ஊ ஊ ஊ ஊ” என்று உதடுகளை குவித்து கத்திக் கொண்டே, நான் புண்டை நக்கிய சுகத்தை ரசித்தாள். நான் அவளுடைய குண்டியில் கைவைத்து என்னை நோக்கி இழுத்தவாறு அவள் கூதியை சுவைத்தேன்.
“போதுண்டி ஜெயா, என்கிட்டே கொஞ்ச நேரம் விடுடி”
மலர் ஜெயாவிடம் கெஞ்ச, இப்போது மலருடைய கூதி என் வாயில். மலரின் கூதி ஈரமாய் இருந்தது. மொந்தையாய் பெரிதாய் இருந்தது. இப்போதுதான் பிள்ளை வந்த கூதி அல்லவா? சற்று விரிந்து தளர்ந்தே இருந்தது. கூதி சதைகள் வெளியே வந்து லேசாக தொங்கிப் போய் இருந்தன. நான் அந்த கூதி சதைகளை உதடுகளால் கவ்வி உறிஞ்சினேன். கூதி நீரில் நனைந்து போய் இருந்த மலரின் கூதி சதைகள் சுவையாகவே இருந்தன. நான் அந்த சுவையை ரசித்தபடி அவள் கூதியை நக்கினேன்.

மகளிர் காம நிலையம் – Part 3

tamil erotic stories - tamil sex stories மகளிர் காம நிலையம் – 3
மலர் சிறிது நேரம் வெறித்தனமாய் இயங்கி விட்டு, என் பூலை விட்டாள். ஜெயா இப்போது டேபிளில் ஏறி தன் புண்டைக்குள் என் பூலை விட்டுக் கொண்டாள். ஜெயாவின் கூதி கொஞ்சம் டைட்டாக இருந்தது. எடுத்ததுமே ஜெயா ஆவேசமாக இயங்க ஆரம்பித்தாள். நான் அவளுடைய வேகத்தில் ஆடிப்போனேன். என் நெஞ்சில் கை வைத்துக்கொண்டு சரக் சரக்கென்று தன் புட்டத்தை தூக்கி அடித்தாள். அவளுடைய பருத்த புட்டங்கள் மோதி என் தொடை அதிர்ந்தது. என் பூலுக்குள் சர் சர்ரென்று உணர்ச்சி அலைகள் பாய்ந்தோடின. நான் அவளுடைய வேகம் தாங்காமல் அலற ஆரம்பித்தேன்.
“ஆஆஆஆ!!!! மேடம்.. வேணாம் மேடம் கொஞ்சம் மெதுவா பண்ணுங்க… எனக்கு வலிக்குது மேடம்”


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