Wonderful Aunt

I am Vikkie this is my nick name and I'm 27 years. old, very handsome guy I live in Delhi. I'm a big fan of desibaba and want to share my sexual experience I had with my sexy, 30 yrs. old aunty. she is married to a business man and lives in Ahmedabad. She is 5'6" inch height,perfect figure with big, round and firm boobs of 38D and a sexy large assher name is nida(changed) .

Aunty Three In One

This was the time when my uncle was posted out and we lived in the family quarters in Chennai ( Madras) India. My uncle had made arrangements for an orderly servant Sivan to stay with us to get things for us and help in the house. I was in school so I would be only home the whole day during the weekends. My aunty did most of the cooking as we also had an old maid come over to sweep and help my aunty to cook.

My Sweet Sweet Suman Aunty

Dear desi readers I hope you have read my previous 2 stories (Varsha & My Story Part 2). I have not received any comments so far; I hope you have liked my stories. I would like to take this opportunity to thank these story sections for displaying my experiences on their web sites; it gives me a lot of encouragement and also gives me the opportunity to get a few secrets off my chest.

Desi Aunty from Kerala

Hi this is Vinu again with another story. This event took place on 2000. It was a bright sunny Saturday morning. I was in my bedroom on the Internet searching for porn movies to download for my own pleasure when I heard the water running in the bathroom. I paused. I quietly got up and went to my door. I listened. Daisy (my aunty) was taking a shower. She has a great pregnant body: 5’ 7” at 186 pounds and a 36C cup. She has brown hair with blonde streaks. I always have fantasies about her fucking me.

Cupidity For My Rita Aunty

Hello friends, I have always been a great fan of this section of desi groups.I have read most of the stories and now I am willing to share my true experience of my life with the world web. Well, let me introduce myself. My name is Mukul. I am 21 years, handsome, good looking and a fair guy from Calcutta. My story dates back to one year ago when I got commitment for admission in a reputed govt. engineering college in the state. My aunty used to live in the northern part of Calcutta. Her name is Rita. She was just married two years ago.

Fun With Aunt Sarita And Her Friends

When I was studying in Mumbai I had to stay at my cousin Meena’s house and my Aunt Sarita was in Mumbai too. I had gone to Aunt to give her company while her hubby was away on tour. We had nice sex orgy with aunt, her friend Rati and Rati’s son Satish. It was wild sex and first time I saw mother licking her son’s cock. Rati told me that she had not taken her son’s cock in her cunt or ass and hence did not commit any sin. So I had I asked Aunt Sarita if it was OK to have sex with our own relatives. She said,” Sunil, it is not sin to have sex with any body you like when he also consents to it.


Hello dear readers, I am a regular fan of Desi stories and I love reading the experiences people share here through their stories. my name is Surya. I live with my uncle and his family in Thrichi. I have an aunt (mothers sister), who lives in kerala. I had some days off from college I am a engineering student), so I thought of visiting her. I called her and told her my programs.

Sex With My Aunty

I am a regular reader of stories. Congrats to all those who wrote them and shared their wonderful experience with others. I would like to share with you all my experience with my athai when I was in school and college. My name is Akash and I live in Singapore. Before coming to Singapore I lived in Chennai. I grew up in a joint family. There were my parents, grandparents, uncle and his family and widowed aunt (my father’s elder sister, Sandhya). I used to call her athai. My athai lost her husband when she was only 32, left with one daughter.

My Sweet Radha Aunty

Dear Guys and Girls I am a regular reader of desi stories and this is my real incident happened to me.My name is Nithin and I am 23 years old.I am from Kerala.I am doing Degree.My story is about me and my neighbor. Her name is Radha Anty.This is my first story about my first fuck with my aunty. I always like the aunt very much. She does have a huge pair tits and a round, heavy ass, she is 36 years of old .My aunty is very tight with a good figure of 36"27"36".Her hips are moving here and there and I love her VIRGIN GAND.I know her from about 3 years.


I am living in South India. My parents are working in America. So I m living with my aunty whose husband is also in America. My uncle died when I was 10 years old. My aunty Tessy was working as a teacher in a school some 50 kilometers away from my place. My aunty was staying in our old traditional tiled house in my native place with my old Grand Mother. When I was 18 years old, my Grand Mother died and I moved back to house from the hostel and joined a local college. Here let me tell you something about my Aunty Tessy.


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