Teen Age Sex

Eighteen Birthday

Hi I am SAM(not my real name) this is a true story which i experienced with sandra.I am from NASIK near MUMBAI.Let me first tell you about sandra is a very sexy girl having a figure 36-24-36,fair in colour and having good big boobs.It was her 18th birthday which I was waiting for eagerly .

Sex In School

My name is Seema Sharma and i am a resident of Delhi. According to people I'm really SEXY. There is not a single guy in my class who has not proposed me or liked me. I don't know why all the guys are scared to approach me and to tell u the truth i really like straight forward guys. I like those type of guys who come and tell me that they wanna make love with me. I am a very horny girl who loves to have sex and has had many experiences. i never had any troubles finding a suitable guy for my self b'coz of my sexy looks. I think i should describe myself now.

My Sex With My Aunty At Tenali

Hi iam desi Stories fan,u like my real story if u read, ladies are welcome to contact me at LOVEVANYA@REDIFFMAIL.COM,if you intrested i will meet u any where in andra, MY sweet sexy aunty Hi I AM HERE once again with a new story, this time my aunt.After having sex with madhavi i didnt have sex for many days until that day .She used to be very free and i used to chat with her , like this 2 months completed, one day she asked me, my parent let me sleep in her house asmy uncle went states she feels a littlebit afriad,She used to see serials until 10.00pm and used to come into my room and sleep.

Fuck In The College

This story about me and my girlfriend, first fuck. Her name is Ritu. First let me introduce my self my name is Karan and I am 5’7”, and really well built. I work out five days a week. I was a transfer student from Dubai, UAE to Michigan State in USA. She is a very attractive with straight silky hair, a body to die for, 5'5" with really amazing, tied tits, which I like the most. Every guy was after her in the school, and I really was attracted to her when I saw her the first time.

How I Raped A Teenage Girl

It was Sunday afternoon and I was taking rest after a nice heavy lunch. Suddenly I heard the doorbell and cursed the visitor for disturbing my sleep. I opened the door and was astonished to see a lady of about 18 standing there. She was beautiful with nice round face, brown eyes, curly hair falling loosely on her shoulders. Her height was 5'4" and she had nice bust and beautiful round ass. She was wearing a midi and thin shirt. I kept looking at her and gathering the beauty in my eyes.I came to my senses when she spoke to me," Uncle do you want to buy a hair trimmer?

My first Sex With Teenager

hi folks , its a true story i am telling u know i am now 23 years old and i live in islamabad. my name is kashif.it was a story when i was 20.our house is big one doubled storyed. we have some servent quatter behind our home. where afamily of five people lives .that man was not our servant but we have given that house on lease to him . he has three duaghters and the big one was about16 years old at that time when i was
20. her name was saira.

She was the freind of my sister but she was much elder then my sister. she spend her 13 years time in our


My girlfriend Neelam and I have a great sex life, we have been going around for the last 6 months, we get to fuck only once in 15 days when either of our parents are out of town. Neelam is the first girl I fucked, though I was not the first guy she fucked, she lost her virginity to a cousin of hers.

Love Story 1992

This is a true story that happened to me in 1992. I was working at Jackson Memorial Hospital at U. of M. testing the fire alarm smoke detectors. I saw this beautiful young doctor working in the E.R. Her name was Neeta, and when I asked her about marriage and she told me that her father was arranging a marriage for her with a doctor from Punjab, and that I did not have a chance as a fire alarm technician.

For the next few days I was going into every room in the Hospital to test every smoke detectors. The Hospital gave me a master key, which opened every door in the hospital.


Hi Dear friends.My name is Shazia Mansoor.Iam a 20 years old bisexual living in Rawalpindi Pakistan. Unlike my previous stories,which were based on real life experiences,this is a work of fiction.This is part one of a series of stories Iam writing exclusive for tamilexposed.com and must not be reposted to any other site without my permission.All characters in the story are fictional and any resembelence to any person is purely coincedental.

Teen Age Sex

This is based on a true story and involves teenagers having sex.

My first time with a another boy was as a teenager. I was 16, always horny, and had just gotten a girlfriend who initiated me into the fun of sex, We fucked everywhere! One night we were fucking like little rabbiits in her living room. Her parents were gone for the weekend and her older brother (by one year), Rafiq, was working until midnight.

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